Thursday, March 2, 2017

Our software was a big hit in Malta!

Receiving a standing ovation can really make your day!  That’s what happened to me (Troy) on the island of Malta last month.  This was the result of months of hard work, so it really felt good.  So what led to this outpouring of encouragement?

You may recall that last year I worked closely with Agape Europe to make their fund development conference in Spain a success.  I improved several key aspects of my software to help missionaries in Europe to be more effective at raising funds for ministry.  This partnership worked out so well that they asked me to be a part of their next conference.  I gladly accepted.

The conference in Spain last year was about helping their missionaries raising funds to pay for their salary.  But Malta was more about working in teams to raise funds for ministry projects, such as raising funds to pay for food and supplies to be handed out to homeless people as they do street ministry.

My challenge was to improve for my software to support a new paradigm of raising funds.  Advance copies of the training manuals were sent to me so I could really make my software fit perfectly with the new techniques.  I finally finished my work on Christmas Eve, releasing a new version of my software with strategic enhancements needed for team fund development.

At the conference in Malta, the attendees were really being stretched as they learned all new concepts and techniques.  It was a lot to learn!  On the night we did a demonstration of my software, we showed how some of the challenging things they were learning could be reduced down to a button click in the software.  That’s when they gave the standing ovation.  They felt so encouraged that we would help them with their new challenges in ministry.  What a joy when you can use your gifts to serve others!