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We empower more than
12,000 missionaries with an
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"Empowering Servants of Christ to Take the Gospel to the World"


Troy develops software that helps thousands of missionaries have more time for ministry. 

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Along with being a full-time mom, Tammy leads two kids’ Bible clubs and provides clutter coaching to help missionaries be more effective.
We help over 12,000 missionaries
from over 500 mission agencies!



In 1996, Troy followed God’s call into full-time ministry, using his skills as a software developer.  His first few years were with helping the Jesus Film Project, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, to translate the film into hundreds of languages. 

Like most missionaries, Troy needed to build up a team of prayer and financial partners to support his ministry.  At the time, there was no software available to help him manage this complex part of his ministry.  So, as a hobby, he began writing his own software!

In 2001, he began sharing his software with other missionaries within Campus Crusade for Christ.  Then, word of mouth spread, and soon missionaries from other organizations wanted it as well.  Troy began working with other organizations to help them get started with it.

Today, 12,000 missionaries from over 500 organizations are using Troy’s software to help them save time and stay organized.  And the numbers keep growing!


“In my 33 years in training missionaries in Biblical fund raising, seldom have I seen a resource for missionaries impact the cause of Christ as Troy’s software has. Troy's generous spirit to create software and give it away to hundreds of mission agencies has empowered thousands of missionaries to be more effective in their ministries. In Ephesians Paul talks about gifted men God has given the church. Troy is one of them.” 

Ellis Goldstein
Director, Ministry Partner Development
Cru/Campus Crusade for Christ

 “We have trained almost 8,000 Christian workers from over 500 organizations the last 15 years how to raise their ministry support through our SRS Boot Camps. When we ask them what software program they use to organize and plan all of their support raising efforts, Troy’s software is mentioned more than any. It is one of the very best tools out there. That is why we recommend it everywhere we go and with every group we train.”

Steve Shadrach
Author, The God Ask: A Fresh, Biblical Approach to Personal Support Raising

“When I ponder how God has used Troy to leverage global Kingdom impact, words like wunderkind, virtuoso, brilliant, and skillful don’t adequately describe Troy’s ministry to support-raising missionaries from more than 500 organization around the world. Troy lives MPD (Ministry Partner Development). Troy touches and tastes MPD every day. Troy gets MPD, and has written software that already helps more than 12,000 other missionaries do a vastly improved job of raising financial resources so that the life-saving, life-giving Name of Jesus can be proclaimed around the world.”

Rev. Roger Peterson
Lead Co-Author, Maximum Impact Short-Term Mission
Director of International Ministries Partnerships, Converge Worldwide
President / Publisher, STEM Int’l / STEMPress

Along with being a full time mom, Tammy loves to maximize and empower others for ministry.  One of the ways she does that is by coaching missionaries in how to simplify, unclutter and organize their lives and ministries, thus freeing them up to be more effective in taking the gospel to the world. 

Tammy also has a heart for reaching out to our neighborhood and community.  God has opened doors for her to have an outreach to kids in our neighborhood and in our kids’ schools.  We have seen several kids come to faith in Christ, and we have seen God open doors to share Christ with their parents as well.

Troy is originally from Mitchell, South Dakota.  After graduating from Moorhead State University, he taught math and physics at Mitchell Christian High School for a year before going into full-time missions.

Tammy is originally from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  After graduating from Baptist Bible College in Clarks Summit, PA, she taught at Trinity Christian School for two years before going into full-time missions.

Troy and Tammy met in Orlando and were married in 1997.  Their daughter Lindsey was born in 2002, and Rachel was born in 2005.

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