Monday, October 31, 2016

Working Together To Fulfill the Great Commission!

I recently returned from a conference held in Tulsa called CLIMB.  CLIMB had a strategic focus on helping mission group leaders better equip their staff in the area of fundraising.  The big idea of this conference was to bring together the collective wisdom and experience of dozens of missions agencies to work together to tackle the area of fundraising.  Missionaries are often sidelined due to lack of funding, so this is an extremely vital area to help increase the health and effectiveness of missionaries.

I was invited to participate in this conference by leading a workshop focused on the importance of using software to help missionaries to be more effective at this complex part of their ministry.  I really enjoyed the opportunities this gave me to help others in an area so close to my heart.  Even more encouraging was getting to know others just like me who are also providing software to help missionaries in this area.  We really hit it off, and I look forward to working together with them in the future, coordinating our efforts to help fulfill the Great Commission through the specific way God has called us to serve.

I took every chance I had to let others know that the reason I’m able to give my software away for free is because we have a wonderful, generous team of prayer and financial supporters making this possible!  Tammy and I are not the only missionaries that truly appreciate your investment in our ministry!

Working together to help fulfill the Great Commission!