Thursday, June 2, 2016

Open Doors to Help More Missionaries!

The Lord has opened so many doors for us that we must give Him the glory, and praise Him for his hand on our ministry.

After a year of unexpected legal negotiations since leaving the staff of Cru in 2014, a few months ago the Lord opened the door for Cru to grant us the rights to our software.  That was a quick celebration, because it meant that all of a sudden I was responsible for software depended on by 12,000 missionaries and 500 mission organizations, and in my absence the software had become out of date, not working with the latest versions of Windows or Mac.  After many weeks of long hours, and a few all-nighters, I was finally able to truly celebrate a grand reopening.

In the midst of this time of reconstructing my website and software tools, the Lord opened another door for us to help missionaries in Europe.  I was invited to Spain in April for a conference held by Campus Crusade for Christ in Europe.  My software played a central role as this conference was all about helping missionaries in the area of fund development, which is exactly what my software helps missionaries do more effectively. 

Two key features my software needed in time for this conference were for it to better support missionaries that raise support in more than one currency, and for it to help those who write newsletters in more than one language.  With God’s help, I was able to introduce these two features before boarding the plane! 

Missionaries in Europe learning more about
“TntConnect”, our software to help them be more
effective at raising the funds for their ministry.
I believe there are thousands more missionaries that can benefit from the tools our ministry provides, but I need to work harder to market and promote them outside of the circles I’ve already reached out to in the past.  God also opened more doors after my conference in Spain to help more missionaries.  I was able to meet with Child Evangelism Fellowship in Germany, just prior to their European-wide staff conference, as they’re looking at adopting my software more.  I also met with some ministries in the Netherlands and the UK to demonstrate how my software can help their missionaries.

Teaching a missionary from Cyprus how
to get started with TntConnect, so she
can be more effective in her ministry.
This month, I’ll be in Canada helping Navigators missionaries take advantage of our software, and I’ll also be in Colorado the week after that to help Converge Worldwide missionaries.  Praise the Lord for all the open doors He’s given us.  Please pray for His hand to continue to guide us and direct us.

Helping Child Evangelism Fellowship
missionaries in Germany be more effective.