Tuesday, October 28, 2014

We are transitioning to Global Service Network!

Tammy and I are so grateful for your ongoing part of our ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ over the past 19 years.  It has been such a great blessing.  I certainly never envisioned that God would use me to build software tools that would help thousands of missionaries be more effective.  When I started writing these tools, it was only to help me be more effective.  But God has blessed those efforts and multiplied them all over the globe.

What started as a personal hobby became my full time ministry work.  As you know, it has not only been Campus Crusade for Christ staff that have been able to use this software.  Now more than 12,000 missionaries use our software (TntMPD), and over half of them are not with Campus Crusade for Christ. (Campus Crusade has always had a "Kingdom perspective" of sharing freely what God has freely given.)

For much of this year I have been sensing the Lord leading me to devote my attention to helping even more ministries to be able to use these tools.  There are thousands more missionaries that we can help free up with more time and energy, and we’re seeing the fastest growth in the use of our tools in ministries outside of Campus Crusade for Christ.

One of these ministries is Global Service Network, based in Raleigh, North Carolina.  This ministry was started in 2007 by four Campus Crusade staff members who wanted to minister to an unreached people group in the 10/40 Window.  But to set up a new non-profit, they had to start using donation processing software, and they turned to DonorWise, which I had written to help ministries process donations.

But God had other plans for them.  After setting up this ministry, they were approached over and over again by other missionaries who needed someone to handle their administrative side.  So these efforts became their new ministry.  Now instead of sending four men, GSN is helping to send more than 100 missionaries all over the world!

I have interacted with Frank Self, one of the founders of GSN, for several years as he has used all of my software products.  As I was sharing with him about my desire to focus my attention on serving even more ministries all over, Frank suggested that I might consider joining the GSN team.  GSN's mission is also to help other ministries by freeing them from some of the really challenging operational issues.

At first this seemed like a crazy idea, because I have always been committed to Campus Crusade's mission of spreading the gospel worldwide.  But this open door to serve even more ministries--which had been a small conflict due to my commitment solely to Campus Crusade--led us to seek the Lord through prayer and seek godly counsel from several close friends and co-workers.

The affirmation was uniformly positive, and we have decided to take the biggest step of faith for our family of the past 19 years:  To move on from Campus Crusade for Christ and join the team at Global Service Network!  This will allow me to focus on expanding the use of our tools, and I really believe God is going to expand these tools in a significant way due to this transition.

While our ministry 'host' will change, nothing else will change. We are still...
  • Staying in Orlando
  • Working with the ministries we have always worked with here
         (CCC, Wycliffe, Converge, etc.)
  • Committed to helping fulfill the Great Commission
  • Committed to using our God-given skills to help missionaries with software tools (Troy)
  • Committed to neighborhood evangelism and clutter coaching (Tammy)
  • Living by faith and needing YOUR support to stay in ministry (more about that in a moment)
We are also still committed to Campus Crusade for Christ.  As always, these software tools are available to every CCC ministry around the world.  Almost 6,000 Campus Crusade staff use these tools directly, and almost every Campus Crusade staff in the world is helped directly or indirectly through our tools.

We are so grateful for how God has used these tools.  And we are so grateful for you too!  Your gifts are multiplied hundreds of times over.  We estimate that these tools save missionaries over 48,000 hours per month of administrative work.  Can you see how significant your gifts are?!  That's like sending hundreds of extra full-time missionaries into the field!

As we transition to GSN, we will continue to need your prayers and financial support.  If you would even consider increasing your monthly or annual gift by some amount, that would be so very helpful.  You can give online at:  http://www.wolbrinkfamily.com/give/

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Serving Him with You,
Troy and Tammy