Friday, February 13, 2015

Kids inviting kids to Bible Club!

This past summer, the house across the street went up for sale.  In recent years, God has put some very specific things on my (Tammy’s) heart to pray for regarding the future neighbors that would be moving in.  First, I have prayed for families with children.  (For years, there has been very few, and sometimes no children on our block)  Secondly, I have prayed that one of two things happen:  either that God would bless us with a great Christian family who would be excited about joining us in reaching our neighbors for Christ, OR, that God would bring a family that is open to hearing the good news of Jesus that we could be a blessing to. 

In October, the “For Sale” sign across the street finally went down, and I waited in anticipation to see how God would answer my prayer.  As it turned out, the family who moved in was from Peru and had three boys (a preschooler, a fourth grader, and a teen in high school.)  While Lindsey and Rachel were disappointed that there were no girls in the family, I knew that God had a specific plan to bring this family here, and I looked forward to watching Him work.

I am happy to report that as of three weeks ago, the fourth grade boy, Carlos, began attending our Bible club!  It just so happened that Christian, one of the boys who comes regularly to club, is in his class and they have become best friends.  One day, Christian exclaimed, “Hey, my best friend lives over there!” It was fun to watch as Christian and Rachel walked across the street, and invited him to Bible club.  Carlos came, and had such a good time, that the first thing he did after club was to invite another friend from the neighborhood!  Please pray for these boys who don’t know Jesus (yet!)  Neither of them attends church.  Pray for open doors to share Christ with them and their families.  The story is not over yet, and I look forward to what God will do.

Our transition to Global Service Network is going well, and we are amazed by how God is working.  Just a few days ago, God confirmed a direction that Troy is heading in.  A new technology tool came out a month ago that has the potential to have a huge impact on his ministry, as he helps other mission organizations.  This week, as he was taking notes and strategizing how this tool could provide much needed administrative help to hundreds of missions organizations, the phone rang.  It was a friend from the Navigators, asking Troy if he was planning on offering help in this specific way.  What a confirmation!