Friday, August 22, 2014

Translating the God Tools app into 20 different languages!

In my spiritual journey, God used many helpful resources to help me better understand the Bible and what it means to have a relationship with Christ.  What if all those helpful resources weren’t available in English?

You may recall how back in 2011, I connected with Harro and Tom, the developers of the God Tools App, an app that helps you share your faith.  They flew in from Australia, looking for someone to help them with translating their app which helps you share your faith.  I believe God was behind our meeting, because I had just developed a translation tool for my own software, and I was able to quickly adapt my tool for them.  I setup the translation tool on my web server and handed them the keys.

I had almost forgotten about them, until last year, when I discovered they had translated their app into Polish and Estonian.  I was so encouraged to discover this.

This last year, we took part in an initiative to expand their app into more languages.  About 40 volunteers took part.  I worked with them to improve the experience of using my translation tool.  I made quite a number of additional customizations.  And the work paid off!

Today, you can download the God Tools app from the Android or Apple app store, and pick from 20 languages including English!  All the languages are in the one app, so you can change languages if you live in a multilingual culture.

Thank you for partnering with us in advancing the Gospel of Christ!