Friday, October 21, 2011

Celebrating the 10,000 Missionaries Using our Software

Back in January of 2001, Troy first published our software for helping missionaries available onto our personal website. At the time we thought, “Maybe this will help a few of our friends who are in ministry.” We were shocked when 60 of our fellow staff began to use our software within the first month. By that summer, the total number was up to 500 missionaries. The total number of missionaries using our software has been increasing since then at about 1,000 more per year.

As of a few months ago, the total number of missionaries actively using our software is now 10,000! That’s 10,000 missionaries that now have about 5 more hours per month (based on a survey) to do what God has called them to do. All those saved hours are roughly equivalent to sending out 300 more full time missionaries! Through your prayers and/or financial support, you’ve been a big part of this. So please celebrate with us in how God has chosen to use us this way.

Our prayer is that God will use us to accelerate the Gospel much how he used the first seven deacons chosen by the apostles in Acts 6. The apostles were taking on too many responsibilities within their ministry, and they were losing their ability to focus on what God had called them to focus on. This was slowing down ministry in a big way. Still, these extra responsibilities were important. So they chose “seven men full of faith” to take over this responsibility (of distributing food to the widows). The result of sharing this load was “the word of God spread rapidly” (Acts 6:7).

We pray, and ask for your prayers that we would be full of faith, and see similar results as we seek to share the load and help other missionaries focus on what God has called them to.

Those 10,000 missionaries using our software are composed of many individuals with a special calling from God. Here’s some encouraging emails we recently received from a few of these missionaries:

This software is helps workers with limited time and lots of other stuff going on to see the world transformed by God's amazing love. This tool enhances their ability to do just that! I would say it’s a strategic Kingdom investment.

−Missionary in China, LDi

Your software saves me soooo much time, which I can then use accordingly to do the work God has called me to! Thanks!

−Missionary in Indonesia, The Navigators

We are just starting out as missionaries and it's wonderful to have such a time saving program. Thank you!

− Missionary in Papua New Guinea, New Tribes Mission

It is a truly fantastic program that makes organizing and contact information such a breeze to go through.

−Missionary in Japan, The Navigators