Friday, May 17, 2013

God is at Work!

We serve a great big God!  And that great big God has been at work in ways that have amazed and surprised me lately.  To keep up with it all, I (Tammy) recently created an “Answers to Prayer” wall hanging that I write on every time God answers a specific prayer request.  It has been especially meaningful to me as I’ve been experiencing some uncertainties in regards to my health.  As I look at it each day, it’s a wonderful reminder of how God is at work in very specific and powerful ways! 

Despite my decreased energy, God has chosen to place some opportunities in my lap that could only be His doing.  Remember the pre-teen Bible study I shared about last month?  In the last couple of weeks, it has grown from 4 kids to 9!  Several younger neighborhood kids heard about it and asked if they could join too.  God had already been preparing one of the girls to begin leading the group discussion with the older ones.  So I took the younger kids to our backyard and led them in their own study.  I used the “Four Keys for Kids” booklet (a kids version of the 4 Spiritual Laws).  Two of them prayed to receive Christ!  This new opportunity with the kids has also deepened a connection with one of the  moms whom I’ve been praying for! 

Troy has also been clearly experiencing answer to prayer.  He recently saw his productivity level “go through the roof” as he says.  As a software designer, the complexity of designing software can be very challenging, but he was able to overcome many obstacles and finish the next major version of his software just this week.  This new version will provide an extensive amount of new helpful features for missionaries, and that will increase their effectiveness.  One of those important features is the ability for missionaries to now have access to important information on their mobile devices (phones, iPod’s etc.) 

Thank you for continuing to partner with us through your prayer and finances.  We would not be able to do what we do without you, our partners in Christ!  You are all very special to us and we thank God for you.