Monday, February 4, 2013

The Power of Partnerships

Encouraging words can really make your day.  Recently I (Troy) was forwarded this message from The Navigators in Singapore to Thad Hoskins, my fellow missionary with Campus Crusade for Christ in Europe:

Since changing to DonorWise and TntMPD, we receive very good feedback from our office staff who do the processing work, our field staff who now have access to our database 24/7 and our donors who have a 12-month history of their giving.

Since embarking on this software, we have seen great commitment on your  side in providing technical support via the forums. What also impresses us is also your team constantly working to improve the system and we certainly  look forward to hear new features you will be introducing!

In short, this is such a blessing and to further hear that this would be a gift from Campus Crusade, I have no words to describe our gratitude and appreciation.


This message encouraged me on so many levels!  For one, it reminded me that our work has not been in vain.  Our software is still helping real missionaries have more time for ministry in real countries where it’s not always easy to reach people with the Good News of Christ.

Even more it reminded me about how God enjoys using partnerships between members of the body of Christ as we all work together.  The partnership is not only between organizations, but also between individuals.  Thad has been a big help to my ministry by taking over the web server hosting role.  Our friends with The Navigators received help from not only Thad and me, but many other individuals.

Let me encourage you!  Your prayers are making a huge difference as well.  In our last newsletter, I shared a prayer request for direction in an area of my work that’s really complicated.  God answered those prayers in really specific ways and gave me some definite direction.  It’s such an obvious answer to prayer, I thought you should know.  Thank you for making a significant difference in our ministry in so many ways.