Friday, November 30, 2012

Reflecting on 2012

The year 2012 has had many milestones for us as a family and in our ministry. We’ve seen two people put their faith in Christ in our living room. Lindsey made a public profession of her faith in baptism. Tammy started a Bible Study for preteens girls. Troy has continued to support and improve our computer software which now helps 12,000 missionaries redeem 60,000 hours per month. We also celebrated our 15 year anniversary, and Tammy began a new decade in her life!

The year 2012 has also had some disappointments. Tammy has struggled with some health issues throughout the year. I’ve had a sense of being overwhelmed with keeping up with all the directions technology is going. Lindsey found out she has a thyroid condition, and Rachel broke her arm.

These disappointments aren’t all bad. They cause us to turn to God even more. They cause us to realize that we are just “jars of clay”, incapable of doing not much other than hold the treasure God has put inside our  hearts. God gives us these disappointments as opportunities to become more like Him.

Would you please pray for us this next year? Please pray for:
  • Tammy’s health. In January, she was told her heart condition had become “severe”. In August, it went back to “moderate”. We’re so thankful, and we’d love to see this continue.
  • Wisdom for Troy as he makes decisions about how to improve our software. Having so many options on where to go can be paralyzing without having a clear direction from the Lord.
  • Continued spiritual growth in us and in our children.
We are so grateful for each and every one of you who have faithfully helped us to make this ministry possible. May God bless you with a wonderful Christmas season.