Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bob's European Road Trip!

A great help to my ministry has been Bob, a fellow Campus Crusade for Christ staff member.  I invited him to help me with a software training in Germany back in 2006.  Since then he’s been working full-time in helping to train and support other missionaries and ministries in the effective use of our software.  And he’s doing an awesome job of it.  He’s truly gifted for this unique role.
Bob is not a technologist, but he has a passion to help our ministry be more effective in managing its resources.  He really enjoys learning new systems and then communication to others how to take advantage of them.
Leaving tonight, Bob will be taking his wife and two boys on a marathon six week road trip through Europe!  He will meet with and provide training and coaching to eleven of our national ministries!  You can see his prayer calendar below to get a glimpse of what his itinerary will look like.
The best way to truly understand what the local ministry needs is to sit next to them as they do their work.  Bob will have many opportunities to do just this.  His feedback will be invaluable as he returns from his trip.  Please pray for him and his family as they embark on this adventure.  And please pray that I’m able to respond quickly to any software issues he may run into.

Thank you for your investment in our ministry.  Like Bob, you are wonderful partners with us as we each do our part in reaching others with the Gospel!