Friday, May 21, 2010

Celebrating Some Milestones!

Tammy shares our annual report with our team in Orlando.
We recently had a team planning time, and as part of this time we looked back at the past twelve months and took time to celebrate what God enabled us to do.

Did you know that in many places around the world, where the mail system is unreliable or too slow, that people are beginning to transfer money using their cell phones? With this in mind, one of the milestones we are excited about is DonorWise 2.0, an upgrade to the donation system we develop to help our overseas ministries. This new version makes it easier to collect information electronically from banks or even phone companies! Now, a donor in Africa might give a donation to a local missionary through their cell phone, and the very next morning the donor and the missionary could receive a text message notifying them of this gift they received! We celebrate how God might use these tools to help missionaries to be more effective.

Another milestone we want to celebrate is a recent breakthrough which has enabled us to provide an easy and free installation of our software to missionaries who use Apple Macintosh computers. Until now, missionaries had to purchase and install extra software to run our software, and this cost them time and money. God has allowed us to find a solution using free tools. Although it’s still in the test stage, it’s receiving positive feedback. We celebrate how God might use this to further free up missionaries as they build His kingdom!

There were many other things we see God’s hand in, but we don't’ have room to list them all! We praise God for working through us, as he is the source of our power and strength. And we thank you so much for partnering with us!